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Teej SMS

Teej is festival celebrated by women in India particularly in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. On this particular day women pray for long life of their husbands by keeping on fast followed by delicious food. These women India have conviction in the belief that keeping away from food the whole day will protect their husbands from all evil eyes! The belief is beautiful, no matter people have seen God or not, no matter if there is something tangible in front of them or not, the faith keeps their faith alive. Teej is celebrated in the Bhado month of the Nepali calendar which usually falls in the month of August or Early September. It is also many times called as the Sawan Festival as it falls during Monsoon.

Husbands and wives celebrate this festival by wishing each other with heart-warming Teej SMS and Teej Wishes these days. Here we are presenting to you a few of those SMS that can add on to the charm of the festival and bring in more love in your married life. Let's present love to your love of life with these Teej SMS:

1. I wish that with this all Your Wishes get Fulfilled,
The fragrance of Love gets spread all over,
"Teej" the epitome of our love,
Deepens our relationship,
I wish it not to be true but to be real!

2. May the Prowess of Lord Shiva,
Showers upon Bundle of Love,
On to both of Us,
And, may we have a long life together!
Happy Teej my Lifeline and my Wife!

3. I bow my heads Down to all those women,
Who starve throughout the day!
For the wellbeing of their Husbands!
May God give them the power to endure the Pain!
Wish You a Very Heart-Warming Teej!

4. Badlo Ka sa Pyaar, Chandan ke Jaisi Khushboo, Suhana Rahe Hamesha aap Dono ka Ye Parivar!
Happy Teej!

5. My Maa Parvati Keeps her Benevolent Eyes on both of You!
Teej ki Aaapko Hardik Subhkamnae!

6. I wish, with the festival of Teej,
The potent blessing of Lord Shiva,
Gets blended into Your life,
And, Make your life full of prosperity,
With his divine Light!
Wish you a very happy Teej!

7. I wish to be your Husband,
In all the preceding Births!
I wish a lot of love and prosperity
Comes in Our lives on this Teej!

8. May this Festival of Teej brings for you,
A bounty of success and luck!
And, I wish it never diminishes, no matter what!
Happy Teej!!

9. May this Teej brightens up Your Life,
Lightens up your Hopes,
And, you Find courage to embark on a journey,
Full of health and happiness!

10. My Love for You is so Very Pure!
I want to be with You as long as I live,
I want to keep the thread so very strong,
That, no one ever could break it!
My dear Wife; love me always, and Leave me Never!
Happy Teej!!

11. In my life which is like a See-Saw,
You have always been there,
I feel so lucky to be your Wife,
Today and always I will ask God,
To make Our relationship firm and long lived,
Wish you a Great Teej @ from your love!

12. Madhur hai bada ye Lamha Intejar Ka,
Suhana sa lagta hai ye Vrat Teej Tyohar Ka,
Bana rahe sath ye hum Dono ke Pyaar ka!
Happy Teej Dear Husband!

13. Ye Teej ka Tyohar hai Umngo ka Bharmar,
Pyaar Ke Ful hai Bagia me Humare,
Jse Chamkate hai Jse Asaman Me Taare,
Yuhi Chamkti Rahe, Yuhi Khilati Rahe,
Humari choti si ye Dunia Khilati rahe har Pal,
Happy Teej my love!

14. When I close my Eyes I can see your Face,
I can feel your pleasant presence in my life,
Be always the way you are!
Never forget to love the way you do today,
Happy Teej!

15. May your togetherness be perennial!
May it live longer than you!
A very happy teej to both of you!

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