Teej Mehndi

Be it Teej, Karwa Chuth, or Diwali, the tradition of applying Henna forms a unique feature in any Indian festival. Indian henna is known worldwide for its intricate designs and bright color. For Hindu women mehandi is a sign of Goddess Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Fortune). At the time of Teej, women adorn their hands with beautiful mehandi designs..

Teej Henna Tradition

Teej Mehndi

In India, the tradition of henna is considered very important when it is the festival time. Mehndi design is a temporary tattoo that lasts for 2 to 4 weeks. It has been adopted as a fashion statement in recent times as its application is completely painless and safe. Beautiful mehandi designs are created on hands, feet and other body parts. Different mehndi designs depict different meanings in various festivals. Women who beautify their hands with intricate mehandi are not allowed to do any household work. She is just let to cherish the memories of her wedding day.

Fun with Henna

One major women festival in which we see both married and unmarried enthusiastically indulging in the mehndi designs is Teej. At the time of Teej, women dress up like new brides and apply henna on their hands and feet as it is part of 'shringar'. One can see women, young girls and even small adorned in the beautiful hues of mehndi designs. With a craze to showcase the darker Henna color women keep mehndi for a longer time after applying it to their hands and feet. They even get their hands and feet covered as much as possible. Special Henna pastes and oils are applied to make the henna darker. It is said if the color of henna darkens at its best, the married or an unmarried woman is loved intensely by both her mother-in-law and her husband.

Some women hide the name of their husband in the mehandi design. Later at night, husbands are asked to search out his name from the design and bless his wife with happy life. Mehndi designs are usually symbols of good luck. One can see Rajasthani flavor in the mehndi designs as there is a greater depiction of wide variety of floral patterns.

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