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Teej Dance

Teej dance form an integral part of Teej celebrations. Teej Festival celebrations are made more joyful when it is stringed with traditional dances and songs. Teej falls in the month of sawan and marks the beginning of the festive mood. Women cheerfully welcome the monsoon season by their dance just as peacock dances in full mood when even a single drop of water falls on the ground. Teej is the only time when women make merry freely and dance is the best way to express their feelings and love for their husbands.

Teej Dance

Apart from traditional Pujas and other rituals, women swing all day before the fast and dance on tunes of various Teej songs. It is a traditional way to welcome monsoon. Women in different parts of the country celebrate Teej by performing their traditional dances

Teej Dance in Rajasthan

When it is the rainy season, spirits soar high in celebration and this is marked with traditional folk dances in the cities of Rajasthan. Teej dances in Rajasthan cheer up the people and create a perfect festive mood. Folk artists bring to life the inspiring mythologies, folk stories and tales by the way of their dance in the ongoing processions of Teej. Colorfully dressed Rajasthani women sing various songs and perform folk dances in fairs and temples which becomes a major part of attraction for foreign tourists.

Teej Dance in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

Similarly, Teej is celebrated by Dandia dances in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Teej dances in Bihar are unique blend of ethnicity and rich traditions. These dances are organized by professionals and mainly performed in the gardens and courtyards of homes. Women dressed in best attires dance with colorful dandia sticks in hands, hitting each other with one's own danda creating a splendid view to watch.

Teej Dance in Madhya Pradesh

Women dance in open courtyards in Madhya Pradesh. Rhythmic beats pervade everywhere. Women dance on the beats of the songs which are associated with bride's home coming.

Teej Dance in Nepal

Teej celebrations in Nepal are escalated with the traditional dances and songs. They believe such devotional songs reach Goddess Parvati who fulfill their wishes and bless their husbands with long life. According to women in Nepal, Teej is the most colorful festival and wish to celebrate it with earnest devotion. They believe traditional dance is the most easy and enjoyable way to keep up the spirit of the festival. Women dancing in red sarees creates the most holistic view at the time of Teej which is a rare scene.

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