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Teej Fast

The holy custom of fasting form an integral part of Teej celebrations. Hence Teej is also famous as 'women fasting festival'. For full 24 hours women refrain themselves from food and water to ensure long life of their husband. The tradition to fast for so long without water and food has a pious legend associated with it. According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Parvati underwent penance for 100 years to be accepted by Lord Shiva. Even till date women pay homage to Goddess Parvati and seek blessings for blissful marital life.

Teej fast is widely popular in Northern as well as North-West region. Tradition of Teej fasting is obligatory for women belonging to Kayastha community.

Pre-Fasting Day of Teej

Teej Fast

Teej fast is 24 hour-long and begins immediately after the first day of Teej. It is a pre-fasting day on which ladies gather to sing and dance. Mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters sit together to have a lavish feast because the rigorous fast begins at midnight. Married women keep fast for healthy life of their husband while unmarried girls keep it to marry a person who good and understanding. Women dress up in red colored clothes as it is associated with Hindu married women. One can see this holy scene every year as devotional women prepare themselves to undertake a day-long fast and prayers only for their husband..

Teej Fast – An Arduous One

Teej fast is a difficult one as women restrict themselves even from a morsel of food and drop of water for full 24 hours. Many women face health problems because of this.

It is especially very difficult for the newly wed women to keep the 24-hour-long fast without eating and drinking anything. One needs lot of patience and courage to keep such a long fast. Usually mother-in-law encourages their sweet bahus to drink juice or tea so that they don't fall sick on such an auspicious occasion.

Pregnant ladies are advised not to keep the fast and even if they observe the fast it is advisable to consult a doctor. Many pregnant ladies go on a diet of milk and fruits and fulfill their nutritional requirements.

To pass away the arduous day women also play a lot of games, watch movies and do many other activities to pass their time. Some even go off to sleep and don't involve themselves in any household activity.

After the day-long fast for longevity of their soul mate is over, women drink water and eat some healthy food. Many husbands make their wife drink water with their hands.

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