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Teej and Swings

Teej also known as 'Festival of Swings' marks the advent of monsoon season. The word Teej, in many minds conjure up the image of swings as people hang beautiful swings in gardens and outside their houses. People follow the age-old tradition of swinging in the rains and perform traditional dance. Not only women but small kids also enjoy the spirit of the festival by swinging. One cannot imagine the colorful festival without Teej swings.

The Swing Festival

Teej and Swings

Sawan Teej festival is the time to have some fun and jollity while performing Teej rituals and customs. Teej is eagerly awaited as it brings the monsoon. As soon as the drop of rain falls on the ground, swings are hung from trees. The act of swinging is best enjoyed at the time of monsoon season only. So people find it the best opportunity to make merry and refresh themselves with the monsoon break.

Spirit of Swing Festival

Teej swings are decorated with colored and fragrant flowers. Some swings are also decorated with leharia print fabric to highlight the Rajasthani culture. These swings are either hung in the locality parks or at various gardens where special Teej celebrations take place.

Women are gaily dressed in green, yellow and red colored ghagra-choli and other traditional attires. A special arrangement of music is made. While swinging, women sing special traditional folk songs. The songs dedicated to the sawan month are called 'Sawan ke Geet'. Other songs are also sung in praise of Goddess Parvati to shower her blessings on married and unmarried women for happy and long life of their husband. The most famous song sung in Punjab at the time of Teej is "ral aao sahio ni". At the time, women completely forget themselves and indulge in the festival mood. They dance on the tunes of traditional folklore and special Teej songs and make the day worth memorable.

Excitement among Kids

Teej has also become an important festival for children. It gives them a chance to go naughty and wild. It's a break time from studies. It leaves the children excited about the idea of swinging on Teej swings. They even participate in decorating the swings. Some kids also install swings in their locality park. Kids along with their beautifully dressed mothers gather around the swings where the colorful ritual of swinging is performed. It's part of entertainment for these children. Even though the festival gets over, kids keep celebrating the festival in style.

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