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Teej Downloads

Here is a collection of Free Teej Downloads to help you indulge in the Teej Festival mood. Download a magnificent wallpapers and pictures for Teej and make your wife, beloved and daughter-in-law feel that she is special of all.

Teej Downloads

Most popular Teej celebrations take place in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. One can see vibrant colors of Rajasthani culture in Teej celebrations. In India, vibrant Teej celebrations are apparent in other states of India as well. On Teej, women in Gujarat perform their traditional dance of Garba and Dandia. They adorn themselves in their traditional lehnga-choli on the day of Teej. Similarly, in Punjab, Teej is celebrated with extreme fervor. Special Teej fairs called Teelan are organized which form a unique feature of the festival's celebration. Teej is celebrated with extreme gusto in Nepal as well. Nepalese women adorn themselves with red color and visit the famous Pashupatinath Temple.

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