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Teej Shopping

Teej shopping is an integral part of the festival celebrations. Enthusiastic about the festival, Hindu women begin their Teej shopping several days before the festival. This is because Teej festival calls for adorning oneself like a new bride. Every woman would love to pamper herself and look different and beautiful. Hence, women shop for new clothes and jewelry for the special occasion.

Teej Shopping

Teej fairs are also held which depict vibrant colors of the life of different regions where Teej is popularly celebrated. Here, all types of Teej gifts and products are available. Similar scene is visible in various shopping malls and markets too.

Shopping for Jewelry

It is always said jewelry is the best gift to be given to a woman. At the time of Teej, woman would love to receive jewelry as a gift from their husband or in-laws. Many women also chose to pamper themselves with necklaces and bangles made of precious and semi-precious stones.

In the culturally rich state of Rajasthan, jewelry set out of kundankari and minakari sells like hot cakes in different jewelry shops at the time of Teej festival.

Shopping for Sarees / Salwar Suits

Stores selling sarees, suits and lehangas are stocked with women in large numbers at the time of Teej. One can see a wide range of heavily embroidered designer sarees and suits on display. Most women go in for red and pink color dresses as these are considered auspicious by Hindu married women.

Shopping for Bangles

When shopping for clothes and jewelry is done, its time to shop for matching bangles. Even today, most women prefer wearing glass bangles on all the festive occasions. No wonder, at the time of Teej, various bangle stalls mushroom all over the market. It is a colorful site to watch women mixing and matching bangle colors with their dresses.

In Rajasthan, women wear traditional Silver Karas which add to the colorful image to a Rajasthani woman.

Shopping for Accessories

And how can one forget about accessories! Mostly all women are seen shopping for matching accessories as well. Footwear and purses are on top of the list when it is time for Teej accessories shopping. For the colorful Teej, nothing works better than ornate stone studded footwear and glittering purses. Beaded party bags are also a rage these days.

Shopping for Beauty Accessories

On Teej, women buy matching bindis which symbolizes her marital status. Along with this, women also buy matching hair accessories like hairs flowers, hair sparkles, hair attachments etc.

Shopping for Puja Accessories

Beautifully crafted idols of God and Goddess are shopped from Teej fairs and shopping marts. Women buy idols depicting images of men and women and keep them in their newly bought designer Puja thalis.

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